The new S250 has been developed to enhance the concept of flexibility and automation of the proven S250 Plus, well known for Its robustness and reliabiity. The new version combines established technology with the latest controls and an interchangeable turret.


The machine is user friendly The softwarehas been designed in a simple and self explanatory mannerenabling operators to handle the machine efficiently and safely.


Available in two version:



As standard each version includes a number of functions each one with different options to satisfy current market requirements.


The new S250 is controlled by the newest computerized system entirely remote from the visual system.The HMI (Human Machine Interface) is fully integrated and linked with a controller.

The automation of the new system also offers the following advantages.

  ▶ Display of the pre and main pressure penetration

  ▶ Recipe, batch date, alarm, error messages

  ▶Wall dimension pre-pressure/main pressure measurement

  ▶Fill depth measurement and display

  ▶Pre-pressure and main pressure values 

  ▶Tooling format details

  ▶Weight (optional)

  ▶Diagnosis and error messages-easy maintenance

  ▶Fill shoe speed

  ▶Tablet output


The machine has a very compact design. There is no external electrical cabinet as the electronic components are included in the machine housing as a result of which less space is required in the production room Additionally the machine can be easily moved.


The upper machine head can be easily changed. This operation is carried out in a short time, the turret can be removed simply and quickly Afterwards it can be swung out and positioned on a trolley.

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